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GLO Vegan?

Natural Protein Supplement with Active Plant Derived B-12,Omega-3’s, Iron, Calcium, PreBiotics, ProBiotics, Fiber, & A+D vitamins.

First 3 in 1 protein
with B12

GLO Vegan is a complete Plant-Based Protein powder made from a unique source, a nutrient-rich water lentil called Lentein that is packed with B-12, Omegas and Pre-Biotics



What people are saying about GLO Vegan


"GLO Vegan is the first protein powder i’ve been able to easily digest. As a vegan Ironman Athlete I need to supplement extra protein & GLO Vegan is the perfect superfood blend to give sustainable gains for endurance athletes. Energizing, optimizing for the digestive system and my athletic gains are more prominent than ever before."

- Spencer Taylor

"I was super excited to receive my first bottle of GLO Vegan because I never tried vegan protein before. After carefully reading the awesome ingredients and nutritional values, I opened the bottle. It smells amazing and has a very vibrant green color and surprisingly it TASTES GREAT! My first smoothie was: GLO V + banana + oat milk. It was delicious! Making healthy GLO Vegan smoothies is a new part of my wellness morning routine."

- Olya Ishchukova

"Loving GLO Vegan protein. The taste, the color, the nutritional stats! I had my first try today and got a JOLT of life force energy as soon as I started drinking it. It feels like you're drinking high vibrations!"

- Nick Onken

Vegan Challenge

The #30DaysToGLO Challenge comes with daily smoothie recipes, GLO Vegan Health Benefits PDF, 7 Special GLO Vegan Yoga Classes from Andrew 7 Sealy, and 3 Conversations with Kip Andersen on how to GLO Vegan your Body, Brain, and Beauty.

GLO Vegan


Andrew Sealy

Andrew Sealy

Internationally recognized Yoga Activist and Wellness Consultant. He is well known for his work as a Global Wellness Day Ambassador and the founder of Yoga Revealed, a top rated Yoga podcast and online community.

Joe Caldera

Joe Caldera

A Spiritual Intuitive Life Coach with specialty in Guidance and Counseling to lead his clients to their most authentic life's purpose. Joe is also the Co Founder and owner of Trilogy Sanctuary, La Jolla San Diego's #1 Vegan Restaurant and conscious community.

Kip Anderson

Kip Andersen

Executive Director of A.U.M. Films, a non-profit dedicated to producing films and media promoting sustainable, compassionate, and peaceful living. He is also the Producer and Director of world famous vegan documentaries "Cowspiracy" and "What the Health".